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With INCLAVI (Inclusive Aviation curriculum) we address the skills mismatches that exist in the aviation sector related to the freedom of movement of persons with disabilities (PwDs) and accessibility requirements in line with the EC Strategy for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2021-2030. INCLAVI accomplishes this through rigorous cooperation between key global industry and labour market actors combined with a world-class HEI and VET consortium. INCLAVI will also further improve the collaboration between HEIs and VET.

Our objectives

1. Understanding the actual passenger journeys of PwDs across all stages of a passenger journey and a wide spectrum of disabilities on a more detailed level than the currently distinguished ones in the aviation industry and education.

2. Identifying the best practices of inclusive aviation across the aviation sector, and benchmarking the best 30 training and education programmes and curricula that address the PwD skills in air transport.

3. Developing the curriculum contents and structure to be deployed through conventional and digitalized means (Training app), both in higher and vocational education and among aviation professionals, with INCLAVI Training App aiming to reach 10.200 unique downloads within the INCLAVI consortium.

4. Enabling the curriculum with long term validity through due recognition and certification and real-world application with 8.000 recognized and certified learning encounters and further dissemination at 150 major EU airports and 50 major EU airlines.

5. Publishing policy recommendations for EU and global stakeholders involved with the aviation industry.

6. Annually improving the passenger journey of 52.000 passengers with disabilities during the project lifetime at iGa with potential for growth with further aviation industry actors.

To reach the objectives, INCLAVI has gathered 9 carefully selected beneficiary partners from 10 countries representing key aviation stakeholders, HEI, VET, and organizations advocating the rights of PwDs and persons with accessibility requirements. INCLAVI consortium also includes 4 associate partners who strengthen the impact and increase the reach of the project.

“Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things needed to lead one’s daily life.”
Judith Heumann
Judith Heumann
American disability
rights activist

Inclusive Aviation (INCLAVI)